6 Best Sewing Machines For Beginners Under $100

One of the lost arts of the modern world is sewing. What used to be a staple skill in every home has now fallen closer and closer to the dangerous unknown. Understanding the basics of sewing can help solve problems in the future, and giving little ones the tools to fix and create their own clothes and modify crafts is a great gift to hand them.

 Sewing machines make sewing easy, but which ones are best for young beginners? Take a look at these 6 top picks for affordable sewing machines designed to teach the basics and ignite the interest in your kids and other beginners.

Top 6 Sewing Machines Comparison Chart

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Sewing Machine Buying Guide & Recommendations

The idea of a sewing machine is to make the job easier than doing it all by hand. You want a machine that is easy to control, safe to use, and offers the most time-saving features. Something that only increases your workload isn’t a good sewing machine, so pay attention to these features and their variables when making your choice.

  • Stitches - Straight stiches, zig zag, decorative… there are tons of options out there. The number of preset stitches available on a machine will determine how many different thread styles you can do. For more versatility, get a machine with more stitch options.
  • Portability - Sewing machines range from extremely heavy, stationary objects to small and lightweight to become portable. Beginner machines are mostly portable so they can be safely held and carried by young arms.
  • Speed - Controlling the speed of he fabric feeding through the machine can help prevent error and keep it one slow, fluid motion rather than one riddled with mistakes and restarts.
  • Needle Threader - Threading needles is a pain and one of the most frustrating parts of sewing. A beginner machine should have a tool to help them thread needles easier, so be on the lookout for ones that feature these.
  • Automatic Features - Automatic buttonholers and bobbin winding can be great features on a beginners sewing machine. The more focus that is taken from the annoying parts of sewing and placed on the actual art and creation aspect will help encourage young learners to stick with it!

If you have an accident prone learner, check for warranty information on sewing machines. Many will offer at least 1 year covered if there are any problems with the machine. Opting for one of those can save you time and money later on!

Best Sewing Machine Brands

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6 Best Sewing Machine Reviews

[amazon box="B06XDQ7FF6"]For beginner sewers with an interest in crafts and versatility, the Stitch Happy machine is a go-to favorite. It packs a powerful punch by adding the ability to work with multiple medias like twine, metallic thread, paper, and felt. No additional purchases are needed with this machine, since it comes with everything you need to get started including the foot pedal. The helpful tools for beginners into alignment charts and a needle threader on the machine.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B0151DMY1S"]The 12 different stitch patterns on this super lightweight machine make it really great for new learners, and it works off of a foot pedal or battery. As small as it is, the portable machine features the ability to work on plenty of home projects including quilting and has a light bulb for additional light while working. Multiple speed settings are also included for different levels of experience.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B00O1YI3IC"]On-the-go sewing is made easier than ever, and probably looks the best on this machine. The lilac tones are beautiful, but beyond that, the machine is only 5 pounds and has 12 stitch patterns. Threading diagrams and other convenience features are all found on the machine and it’s perfect for little ones picking up the craft with finger guards. It’s definitely a machine designed for younger beginners.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B01FY3AGM4"]We step away from the portable machines and onto full-sized ones with this version by Brother. You have 10 sewing stitch options, 4 snap on feet for specific designers, and more perfect features for beginners and moderately experienced users. You can get automatic buttonholes, easily select your stitch styles, and control the speeds effortlessly. This machine comes with everything you need to get started, too![/amazon]

[amazon box="B07C8H6WVQ"]At only 6 pounds, you’re looking at another beautiful portable machine with easy-to-follow guides and diagrams printed on the machine for simple learning. The style is very gender neutral and it contains lots of features to teach and help create amazing things. Adjustable speeds, 12 stitch patterns, fully automatic bobbing, and advanced safety features make this one of the best “first time sewing machines” for an eager learner.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B01BTKOWJ4"]As the most basic of all 6 sewing machines, this pale pink beauty has 6 stitches, automatic bobbin winding, lightweight portability, and easy-to-follow instructions.  All needle settings are pre-set for width and length, so you just select and begin problem-free. Purchase of this machine comes with all needed accessories included, featuring also a lint brush and other cleaning supplies to make it long-lasting.[/amazon]