6 Best Coloring Books For Adults

Ever since 2015, when about 12 million adult coloring books were sold in America, adult coloring has become a positive trend that many have picked up and used for the best. These coloring books are more complicated than the kids illustrations we enjoyed years ago, and come with plenty of emotional and mental support.

Coloring books for any age come in a plethora of designs and styles, but we took a closer look at the 6 best adult coloring books that enhance the most enjoyable, relaxing techniques that adults have fallen in love with everywhere. Adult coloring is a fad, but it’s a great one to pick up and start taking advantage of.

Top 6 Adult Coloring Books Comparison Chart

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Coloring Books for Adults Buying Guide & Recommendations

Like your own individual style, coloring books for adults come in a massive variety of preference and design. A few different things should go into your choice when you decide which book to buy. Think about yourself and what you’d want your special coloring book to include to help you relax the most. Consider some of these variables when looking through our 6 best adult coloring books.

  • Style - Are you a mandala person, or one who prefers animals and cute patterns? Some coloring books come with a variety of patterns and art styles, while others are dedicated to one specifically. Shop around and get a feel for what you enjoy to color the most.
  • Level of Difficulty - You’ve stepped into a new ballgame now! Some coloring books can get extremely detailed with intricate designs, so make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself. Many books online give you a sneak peak at their pages, so pay attention to the level of detail they include if you’re hoping for something simple.
  • Hardback vs. Paperback - Many of the best-selling adult coloring books come with a hardback cover, but a lot of the less expensive ones found online are paperback. You’ll have a longer lasting, protected coloring book if you get one with the hard cover, but if it’s not largely important to you, save a few bucks with the paperback editions.
  • One-Sided Pages - Unless you plan on using only crayon and pencil, look for coloring books that are printed on only one side of the page. Having a blank backside will help you to avoid bleed through when using markers, sharpies, or gel pens.
  • Freedom - It won’t be uncommon to come across a coloring book that has parts of pages already filled in for you. Sometimes this means a dark, inky background or golden shimmers detailed through the page. Most coloring books give full freedom, but it’s nice to play with these styles, too.
  • Kid-Friendly - “Adult” in adult coloring books is taken literally sometimes. If you have kids in the home who you color with, be on the lookout for snarky coloring books full of cuss words and insults, or some with sexy, revealing illustrations.

Get the most out of your coloring by using multiple tools! Color small details in with a glitter gel pen, larger areas with blended pencils, and detailed designs with bright markers. Some have even found a way to integrate crayon and charcoal into their coloring.

Popular Adult Coloring Book Brands

Did you know that some of the most popular name-brands out there have began to release their own adult coloring book lines? Look for these big names and enjoy their gorgeous illustrations!

  • Disney
  • Lisa Frank
  • Vera Bradley
  • National Geographic
  • Game of Thrones

Any book that piques your interest is worth giving a shot, but if you don’t know where to start or you need an introduction to the various styles and difficulty levels that adult color books have, take a closer look at what we think of these 6 adult coloring books in detail.

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[amazon box="0996511210"]For those serious about coloring, this spiral-bound hardback coloring book is large, durable, and beautiful. Each of the illustrations are hand drawn with low to middle level difficulty. The pages are large enough to put into small frames for display and made from thick card stock with blank backsides. It’s one of the longest adult coloring books available with 50 unique perforated pages. Though it doesn’t include any difficult pages and each illustration is a single mandala, it’s a relaxing and gorgeous way to unwind and perfect for any fan of the art.[/amazon]

[amazon box="0143108999"]Available in both paperback and spiral-bound versions, the most popular adult coloring book artist impresses with yet another series of incredibly detailed, lustrous drawings. This book is one of the most fun, with pages that fold out into posters, a variety of styles included inside, and smooth paper. Every page is embellished with aquatic design, but it comes in the form of landscapes, simplistic aquatic life, or even intricate mermaid mandalas.[/amazon]

[amazon box="1441320024"]These 31 pages included in this coloring book are designed with stress relief in mind and range from simplistic paisley butterflies to full pages of optical illusions. Since it comes only in paperback, it’s at a much lower price than some of the others reviewed, but it has many pages and full quality in the illustrations. Designs are printed on a single page with the back left blank and the paper is thick and heavy duty. It’s a great all-purpose coloring book for paisley fans and has something for every level.[/amazon]

[amazon box="1942275382"]If you’re into a more exciting, darker twist in comparison to the calming designs, this book is amazing. It’s one in a series of daring, daunting illustrations revolving around fairy tales and feature both sexy and action-packed pages in addition to their simple ones. The comic-book style is enjoyable and features mostly portraits. The only downside is the paper quality is lower than the other books we reviewed and it only comes in paperback, but you get 45 beautiful pages to enjoy.[/amazon]

[amazon box="0486796647"]Creative Haven has produced some of the best coloring books for relaxation and skill-building. This one in particular combines every adult coloring book style into vivid illustrations of owls, nightlife, and whimsy. The perforated, single-sided pages are ideal for coloring with any tool, but the pages can be a bit thin. Over 30 pages are included and you have the option of a discounted paperback or the full quality of a spiral-bound edition.[/amazon]

[amazon box="1628851619"]This coloring book gives an education spin that adults will appreciate! With fun facts and traveling tips spattered throughout the expansive coloring pages, you learn while you destress. For even more enjoyment, the backs of each page give you an added task of discovering items in a search game after you’ve colored these landscapes. Designs range from difficulty and show off some of the most desired places to visit in the world.[/amazon]