Compare The 6 Best Betta Fish Tanks

A common myth about the care of betta fish is that all they need is a little bowl to be happy, but that isn’t true. Just because a betta fish can survive in those conditions, it doesn’t mean they’re thriving. These tropical fish are designed to withstand poor living conditions, but you want to give your fish the best life possible.

 Providing that for them starts with a great tank to become their home. Amazon has some great options for betta tanks and a wider selection than most pet stores. Take a look at the different styles, functions, and types of betta fish tanks in our comprehensive review.

Top 6 Betta Fish Tanks Comparison Chart

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Fish Tank Buying Guide & Recommendations

Giving your betta a good home provides for them a great life, so make sure the tank you choose meets the suggested requirements by professionals. Here are a few things that your betta tank should have for the best quality of life.

  • Gallons - The recommended depth of a single betta fish environment is 5 gallons, but anywhere between 3.5 for a betta only to 10 gallons with more tropical fish is ideal for your aquarium.
  • Dual Tank - Some tanks have a divider for you to put two betta fish in, separated but in the same unit. This is safe for betta fish, however, you have to also ensure they can’t see each other through the divider. You also have to be sure it’s still large enough for our betta fish to be happy in. The gallons won’t be for each side, but as a total unit. Make sure you divide the number to get an accurate idea of how much room your fish have.
  • Filters - Betta fish are small enough that a strong filter can hurt them or make it too hard for them to swim. If your tank comes with a filter, test it first without careful monitoring. Sometimes a sponge on the filter or a plant in front of it can help minimize the pull and keep your betta safe.
  • Heaters - Betta fish are tropical, so they need a warm environment. Some tanks come with a heater bundled in the aquarium but if not,plan on getting a seperate one.

Betta fish are an aggressive, tropical breed. You should never put 2 betta fish together, but they can live harmoniously with other small, tropical fish. Look for bottom feeders, neon tetras, and minnows if you want friends for your betta!

Don’t remove all the water at once when cleaning your betta tank! If the water gets murky and it needs to be cleaned, take out a little water at a time over the course of couple of days. Filters and bottom feeder friends are the best way to keep your betta aquarium clean.

Here are the best betta tanks that fit the specific needs of these beautiful, exotic fish. Picking from these 6 excellent options gives your fish a wonderful, happy life with a great aquarium to swim and explore in. Once you’ve got the best tank for your betta, the decorating can begin!

6 Best Betta Fish Tank Reviews

[amazon box="B00O8SZTKQ"]This exquisite, vertical tank comes with lots of swim space, yet isn’t bulky or requires a ton of surface space. Since it’s more tall than it is wide, you get a very nicely fitting tank that goes with the decor on a desk, shelf, table, or countertop. The filter pump is adjustable, which is key for a thriving betta fish. Sliding glass top and LED lights make vision and accessibility a breeze. This tank is truly a gem as far as happy betta homes go. Plus, it has the full 5 gallons for the optimal betta home.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B008CA7W7E"]Since this tank is built for tetras and other small tropical fish from the start, the filter that it comes with is already at a low enough power it won't tear your betta fins. Plus, you can easily introduce some small tetras to your betta for a lively, colorful aquarium. Another great selling point for the cube is the stand it comes with, feeding door in the lid, and a relaxing LED display light. It’s not quite 5 gallons, but it’s enough water for happy fish.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B01LZMHWF6"]Go green with this incredible water garden! You can grow plants from the top of the tank and it naturally cleans itself, using the fish waste to fertilize the growth at the top. It’s easily refillable to continuously grow and recycle. You get 3 gallons of water for your betta, and while the space isn’t much to work with, you have excellent visibility with full all-around clear plastic. Throw in some pretty rocks, a plant in the water, and you have a wonderful eco-friendly water garden and fish aquarium.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B00324X5L2"]With options for 3 or 5 gallon tanks, the Crescent aquarium is a spacy home for your betta and other small tropicals. It comes with a mechanical filter for easy cleaning, but you’ll have to get a heater and thermometer separately. This kit uses activated carbon to to remove that fishy order. From all sides, it’s a wide, dynamic window to view your fish and uses energy efficient LEDs to highlight your aquatic beauties.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B00KIRR8BY"]The full 5-gallon tank with rainbow LED light strip, powerful filter, and strong plastic crystal clear sides for excellent visibility make a lovely home for your betta. One of the main selling points is the extremely strong impact-resistant plastic, making it probably the most durable of the tanks we have listed here. Some have complained about the longevity of the LED strip lights, but it’s easily replaceable.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B007TGMJ3E"]Take LEDs to the next level! This complete aquarium kit comes with 15 blue fluorescent glow lights to throw vibrance to your fish. They work great with neon tetras and brightly colored betta fish. With the GloFish kit, you also get 5-gallons of water, a curved strong plastic display window, microfilter that is safe for small tropicals, and cartridges designed for tetras. Getting fluorescent rocks, plants, and decorations will bring a fun shock of color and life to your exotic fish.[/amazon]