Best Windshield Wipers for Cars & SUVs

A windshield is a critical part of your car’s safety features. Not only does it keep you dry and warm while protecting your eyes from flying debris, but it also provides strength to the structural support of the vehicle. In a front-end crash it can provide over 40% of the structural integrity of the cabin, and over 60% in a rollover.

But the most useful purpose of the windshield is to have a clear view of the traffic and roads in front and around you. This purpose, however, can be affected when you are traveling through rain or snow, which reduces your visibility. Windshield wipers were invented for that reason, as good windshield wipers will easily remove any elements from the surface, pushing them aside so you can focus on driving.

If your current wiper blades are just spreading a mess onto your windshield, or even worse, scratching and damaging the glass, you should not wait any longer and invest in the best windshield wipers you can afford. Although some are designed to work better in a specific weather, there are plenty of great all-season wiper blades you can use throughout the year. Follow our best windshield wipers reviews and find out which will work the best for your vehicle.

Top 6 Windshield Wiper Comparison Chart

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Windshield Wiper Buying Guide & Recommendations

When shopping for the best-rated windshield wipers, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Most of the wipers nowadays share many standard features, so what you select depends mostly on your preferred brand and your budget.

  • Size - The most important thing you need to consider when buying windshield wipers is to get the correct size. Some vehicles use a different size for the driver and the passenger sides, so you need to be extra careful, or you will end up with something you can’t use. Read your car’s manual to verify the correct size you should purchase.
  • Blade Material - Rubber is the primary material wipers are made from. It is inexpensive and offers excellent performance. Some wipers have blades made from silicone and are touted as being able to withstand the weather better than their rubber competitors. However, there is not much of a difference between rubber and silicone; tests by Consumer Reports has found that both will perform well from six to 9 months. Silicone wipers do cost more, so we will just review rubber blades on this list.
  • Frame - The traditional windshield wiper has a metal framework where the wiper is mounted on. They are the most widely used, and very affordable. However, beam-style windshield wipers are quickly gaining popularity. They use a one-piece design and can conform to the windscreen’s curvature, providing excellent cleaning.
  • All-Season - Some winter-wipers claim to be able to clean off snow better than others. This might of been true years ago, but as technology and design have improved, all-season wipers are common due to their convenience. Just set them up and forget about replacing them once the cold or warm weather approaches.

Did you know that the first windshield wipers had to be operated by hand? Invented by Mary Anderson in the early 1900s, the manual mechanism was later turned into an electric one by Bosch in 1926. Ford introduced the intermittent wipers in 1978, which became the standard used nowadays.

Windshield wipers were non-existent in the first automobiles. It took a long time for them to become well-accepted among drivers, but today it is illegal in most of the US to even drive a car with no wipers. Several states catalog them as a required safety item in auto safety inspections and have a “wipers on, lights on” rule for cars, such as Delaware, Arkansas, Ohio, New York, and many others.

6 Best Windshield Wiper Reviews

[amazon box="B00O2IPXKI"]Aero´s goal is to provide “quality, reliability, and value.” You’ve probably never seen any advertisements for them, but that’s because they don’t spend any money on ads and pass those savings on to their customers.

Considered by many as the best all-weather wiper blades, they include several adapters designed to fit most wiper arms. 99% of the vehicles on the road can use one of these adapters. Each wiper has a curved frame that adjusts its shape to the windshield’s surface.

Being an all-season product, you no longer have to change between summer and snow blades; the wipers have a temperature tolerance of -40º F to 158º F. The blended rubber delivers a clean, smooth and streak-free wipe, and the aerodynamic design reduces drag, wind lift, and noise.

The wipers are available in sizes starting at 12” and up to 28”. Since they are a set of two - driver and passenger sides - they are one of the most affordable options you will find.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B005JU5VUK"]Although a bit pricier than other options, the Bosch ICON is one of the best all season wiper blades and worth every penny. Their design prevents snow and ice buildup from affecting them, while a bracketless design and tension springs keep the edge flexible no matter what the weather conditions are.

ICON buyers around the web have posted thousands of great reviews about the blade’s performance. Most of them are because of the excellent durability the dual rubber provides. It effectively resists heat and ozone deterioration and can last 40% longer than other competing wipers.

 Sporting an asymmetric, flexible spoiler, a downward force is distributed along the edge, which makes it firmly grip the windshield, even at high speeds. A set of OEM-quality adapters make it easy to use on practically any car, and it is available in sizes from 13” to 28”.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B0009JKI8G"]Rain-X is well-known among car enthusiast. For over 40 years they have provided many excellent car and glass care products, and windshield wipers are one of them. The Weatherbeater blades, introduced in 2001 and still a customer favorite today, use a frame made of galvanized steel that prevents rust and corrosion and makes it strong and durable. The all-natural rubber is heat resistant and can tolerate cold, windshield wiper fluid, and salt without cracking or splitting.

Along the blade there are multiple pressure points. This design distributes the weight evenly across the length of the blade and helps it deliver a clean and smooth wipe. A pre-installed J-hook adapter, plus several additional adapters for side pin, bayonet, and large J-hook blade arms make installation quick and easy.

 Sizes are available from 12” up to 28”. The Rain-X Weatherbeater wipers meet or exceed all OEM standards for construction, quality, and durability.[/amazon]

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