6 Best Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles

Does your face show signs of aging and exhaustion before anywhere else? Our eyes are the window into our soul, but after a habit of reduced sleep, the dark bags can start to seem permanent.

We’ve all been there. Make-up only goes so far, and even if you do get a good night’s sleep, the mirror shows your eyes looking just as tired as before. That’s when you know it’s time to get some outside help.

Top 6 Under Eye Cream Comparison Chart

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 Buying Recommendations for Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Knowing what you put on your delicate skin around your eyes is key to getting brighter, younger, even skin. Dark circles won’t go away entirely just with a cream, but they can be reduced and treated with a excellent skincare routine. When picking out a cream designed for your eyes, make sure you keep these key details in mind.

  • Frangrance - When it comes to skincare, especially around your eyes, you don’t want something that is scented. Fragrance-free creams are far less likely to cause allergy and irritation, and you don’t want unnecessary and potential harmful oils and scents right by your eyes, anyway.
  • Container - Like many skincare products, eye creams can come in a variety of packaging. Jars are the main container to avoid. Instead, look for tubes and bottles. The more your fingers touch the eye cream directly, the more it will become contaminated.
  • Fast-Acting - You’ll see a lot of products claim to work “within minutes”. To ensure this is the case, look for ones that contain a brightening effect, which gives your eyes a shimmery brightness to distract away from problem areas. The longer you use your moisturization regularly, the ore results you’ll see.
  • Creams vs. Gels - Knowing which cream is best for daytime or nighttime can help your makeup routine stay the same. Some creams that are thick and creamy won’t react well with makeup on top, acting cakey or too slimy. If you want to wear your eye cream both day and night, get one that is thin and smooth.
  • Ingredients - An eye cream moisturizer may seem like just another thing to put on your face, but it’s designed very differently than what you use for the rest of your skincare routine. Make sure whatever cream you buy has retinol for reducing wrinkles and caffeine for stimulating the skin. Niacinamide is what lightens those dark areas, so make sure the cream you buy includes it.

Don’t be afraid to pair your cream usage with natural remedies for faster help! Dipping organic green tea bags into water, refrigerating, and then placing over your eyes can do wonders for your blood vessels and help reduce dark circles. The same goes for coconut oil, cucumber slices, and rose water!

Men and women both react the same way to eye creams! You don’t need to ever pay extra for a formula specifically targeting one gender. Sharing is caring, so double up and enjoy your skincare routine together!

6 Best Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles Reviews

[amazon box="B01C85TO6U"]Taking the cake as one of the best all-around anti-aging creams that goes above and beyond brightening eye circles is Spark. It comes neatly packaged and is full of a powerful blend of clinically tested ingredients. It also includes caffeine for the best results! It’s gluten free, fragrance free, and made in the USA. Organys is an Earth-friendly brand and their eye cream comes with the full package for improved skin.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B072MYZV4R"]Designed specifically for daytime use, the Total Eye gel is light and smooth and comes with UV protection infused with the formula. It works to improve more than just dark, baggy circles and focuses on a fast lifting action to tighten your skin and bring renewed vibrance to your face. The company also is known for giving back and working with Africa to establish new jobs for families.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B01K2UMMI0"]Aloe Vera and other organic, natural ingredients are put to the test in this jar of fast-acting eye gel. The main purpose to provide a youthful glow after habitual use, but you’ll see improved results with wrinkles and puffiness, too. It does come in a jar, which isn’t ideal, but features a full list of ingredients you want in an eye cream, and is entirely cruelty-free.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B0767YMW2X"]This formula is simple, stripped down, and laid back. It won’t include ingredients packed into the dispenser to help with anti-aging, but instead focuses only on Vitamin C and a couple of other helpful oils for evening out your dark circles and pulling your skin tighter. As a smooth, brightening gel, it works great both day or night and gives eyes a beautiful shimmery affect to look younger and alert. It’s vegan, cruelty free, and made right in the USA with all organic materials.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B01EHW5KF6"]A large bottle that targets only dark circles and saggy eye bags comes in a full dispenser, offers reflective mineral treatments for optimal brightness. It works to hydrate, brighten, and correct skin problems causing your under eye trouble. Since it comes from a popular brand in skincare, there is tons of professional testing and proven results, but it won’t help with lifting the skin or reducing wrinkles like some similarly priced products can.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B0773T1WWC"]Produced by an intimate, family-owned company that is entirely natural and organic, you’re getting only the best naturally sourced ingredients in a rich, smooth cream. From powerful oils proven to improve delicate skin like coconut oil and shea butter to raw honey and papaya to improve brightness, you get a full treatment without a single harmful influence. The method behind this eye cream is to replenish and repair fully organically, and the only downside is it comes in a tub over a dispenser.[/amazon]