6 Best Smartphones 2017 Comparison & Reviews

Finding the best smartphone on the market is an impossible task to accomplish. There are tons of great smart phones available and in the end, it comes down to personal taste. You may prefer a larger screen whereas someone else may prefer smaller sized phones for ease of transportation. With so many different specs and details to compare, knowing which smartphone is the best can prove to be very difficult.

We've compiled a list of the top rated smartphones and we included basic information about each one of them. This will allow you to quickly compare the best smartphones on the market today. Along with our very useful and simple to use smartphone comparison chart, you will find full smartphone reviews of the top 3 options at the bottom of this page.

Top 6 Smartphones of 2017

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Similarities Between Top Rated Smartphones

When shopping for the best smartphone on the market, you will often notice similarities when comparing top rated phones. The best phones often share similar processors, operating systems and sometimes even the overall design. Here is a brief list of things you may notice when comparing different smartphones.

  • Design - Often, high quality phones will have similar designs. This is because people prefer slightly rounded edges, while keeping sharp and clean lines. Some phones, like the Sony Xperia line or even Blackberry phones, will stand out from the crowd, but these are less common.
  • Processor - Most industry-leading smartphones will share the same processor power and performance. Some of the main leaders may have a slight performance advantage, while other phones may be specialized in gaming performances, but overall, you shouldn't notice much of a difference when comparing the top rated smartphones.
  • Screen Quality - Cheaper phones will tend to have screens that are made from poor quality, but the high-end phones tend to have similar types of Gorilla Glass screens. However, don't confuse screen quality with resolution or pixel counts.
  • Cameras - Most smartphones out right now have 12 MP cameras. This is pretty much the industry standard and you shouldn't be disappointed with the quality regardless of the phone you pick. However, some phones do specialize in photography and some, like the Sony Xperia Z5, can provide you with stunning and amazing photographs.
39 %
iPhone Users

In 2015, over 39% of all smartphone users owned an iPhone. Over 51% of mobile phone users owned an Android based device. 

Blackberry is at a minority with only 8% and Nokia is dead last with just over 2%. ‚Äč

Once you know what main features you're looking for in a smartphone, the decision will become much easier to make. Determine what your priority is. Do you want a strong camera because you enjoy taking loads of photos or do you prefer a phone that can synchronize seamlessly with your other devices? Whether you need ultra-strong performance or a lightweight and durable phone, the decision will become very simple to make once you set your priorities straight. To kick things off, we've written out reviews for the 3 best top rated smartphones on the market.

6 Best Smartphone Reviews

[amazon box="B01LWCRA3R"]The newest addition to the Apple lineup of smartphones is the iPhone 7 Plus. While the 7 Plus shares the same design as its predecessor, it's a trusted model that users have grown to love. The button is much smoother and easier to press. The large 5.5" screen provides a stunning viewing experience and with a fully waterproof design, you won't have to worry about getting this bad boy wet. The iPhone 7 Plus has an impressive rear 12 MP camera and a ton of amazing features, making it one of the best smartphones 2017 has to offer.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B01CYYYRNK"]Equipped with 4 GB of ram memory and a 3,600mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is capable of providing outstanding power all day and night. The screen wraps around the edges, providing you with a unique visual experience and additional navigation buttons that make multitasking a breeze. The auto-focus feature on the camera is one of the best in the industry and the waterproof design allows you to fall in a pool without having to worry about your device getting ruined. If you're looking for a powerful Android device with a unique curved screen and loads of power, you won't want to miss out on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B01GXAT0BK"]Another one of the top rated smartphones of 2017 is the iPhone SE. This newer Apple smartphone brings you back to a phone that looks and feels almost identical to the iPhone 5S. This phone features a 4" screen, an A9 dual-core processor and 2 GB of ram. Touch ID scanner allows you to benefit from fingerprint locking features so you can experience additional layers of security. If you're looking for a highly durable and compact phone that boasts the latest features for a fraction of the cost, you're going to love the iPhone SE.[/amazon]

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