6 Best Fitness & Weight Loss Smart Scales

Weight scales have remained the same for many decades. You step onto a scale, a needle moves and tells you how much you weigh. We normally don't put too much thought into these gadgets because they are simple, efficient and we never really desire much more out of them. However, the best smart scales on the market have begun a whole new trend when it comes to weighing yourself. 

Smart scales look just like regular scales, but they provide you with much more accurate details. In fact, most smart scales can even connect to a Wi-Fi network and synchronize with your smart phone in order to provide you with truly amazing statistics. Whether you want to find out your precise body fat levels or even if you want to keep track of your progress, you're going to love browsing our comparison chart of the top fitness and weight loss smart scales online. Also make sure to scroll down further for a full smart scale buying guide along with in-depth reviews.

Top 6 Smart Weight Scales

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How to Shop for the Best Smart Weight Scale

Knowing exactly what smart scales are all about and what they can provide you with is important if you want to buy the best smart scale for your needs. Some provide you with more features than others, but they also come with steeper price tags. We're going to narrow down a few of the main features you're going to want to look out for when shopping for smart scales online and you will quickly be able to find the best one for your specific needs.

  • Weight Capacity - One of the most crucial things to look into when shopping for a smart scale online is the weight capacity. While most scales can handle anywhere from 300 to 400 pounds, some scales can handle much less. For instance, if you go ahead and purchase a scale that has a weight capacity of 200 pounds and you weigh 250 lbs, you will always get an error code, making it useless. 
  • BMI & Body Fat - Most smart scales are now capable of providing you with key metrics such as your body mass index (BMI) and the amount of body fat in your body. This is incredibly useful when you workout and wish to know exactly how you are progressing with metrics other than your weight. Knowing your body fat percentage is a great way to keep track of your progress and reach your goals. 
  • Accuracy - Another key feature to look out for is accuracy. You'll want to make sure that the scale you buy is capable of providing you with incredibly accurate results. Look for smart scales that have auto-levelling feet, which easily adapt to uneven floor surfaces. You'll also want to look for a scale that can be calibrated with ease.
  • Smartphone Compatible - Most of the best smart scales on the market can also provide you with smartphone connections via bluetooth. This means you can automatically synchronize your weight, body fat percentage and other key metrics to weight loss and health apps without having to enter any of the information manually.
  • Other Key Metrics - Finally, you'll want to look for a smart scale that can provide you with other key metrics such as your hydration levels, bone mass percentage, your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and many other metrics. The more information you can gather from a single scale, the better off your will be.
233 % Increase

In 2013, the amount of digital scale units sold in the USA was roughly 2.7 million. That amount is expected to be over 9 million units by the end of 2018. This represents an increase of about 233% in units sold in just about 5 years. 

Smart scale units are incredibly popular and they are an ever-growing trend, but knowing which one to buy is essential. With such a huge market, there are tons of low-grade products available. Our comparison chart above will help you find the highest quality products at affordable rates.‚Äč

Knowing how to choose a smart scale is important and with the tips above along with our smart scale buying guide, you should have no trouble narrowing down a few options. Below full smart scale reviews of our top 3 picks. We encourage you to choose from one of these 3 or from one of the 6 in the compare chart above in order to get the best features at the most affordable price point. Good luck finding a smart scale that meets your needs and please leave a comment below with your own personal experience using smart scales.

6 Best Smart Scale Reviews

[amazon box="B01C6E2YSI"]One of the best options currently available when searching for one of the best fitness and weight loss smart scales is the Yunmai Premium Smart Scale. This scale is compatible with mobile phones, allowing you to easily synchronize your data with Apple Health, GoogleFit, Fitbit, Yunmai and many other apps. The extra large display makes it easy for you to read the data and many different features are included such as body fat, BMI, muscle, hydration bone mass and much more. One of the great things about this smart scale by Yunmai is that you can connect up to 16 different users and the scale will automatically detect who is stepping on it according to recent data. The 5-year warranty will keep you at ease knowing that this smart scale is affordable, made from high quality and is backed up for years to come. [/amazon]

[amazon box="B00N9ENKDI"]Our personal favorite smart scale here at CompareSix is the Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale, which is available at an affordable price range and comes equipped with tons of cool features. You can synchronize is rapidly with apps like Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health, MyFitnessPal and so many others. This makes it easy for you to import your weight, bone mass, body fat, BMI and many other metrics into your favorite workout and weight loss apps without having to manually enter any of the information. Up to 8 users can connect to this bluetooth scale and with a weight limit of up to 400 pounds, you should have no issues using it even if you are overweight. The large tempered glass surface is slip-proof and provides you with a highly durable exterior that's also backed by a 5-year warranty. Explore the Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale if you're looking for one of the best smart scales on the market.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B01FHELB56"]If you're looking for a very affordable smart scale, yet you still want to enjoy all of the premium metrics and features, you're going to love the 1Byone Digital Smart Wireless Scale. This smart scale provides you with a ton of information including visceral fat, BMI, body fat, water percentage, bone mass, muscle mass, BMR and much more. One of the downsides of this scale is that you cannot have multiple users automatically detected, which is a feature available on some of the higher end smart scales. Nonetheless, the large LED screen along with the modern looking surface makes this one of the best smart scales for the money. With tons of cool perks and the ability to quickly synchronize it with your smartphone, you're going to love the 1Byone Digital Smart Wireless Scale.[/amazon]

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