6 Best Non-Slate Pool Tables for Home Use

Pool is one of those games that everyone can enjoy. Men and women, rich and poor, kings and commoners alike have played this game since it was invented several centuries ago. Although the term “pool” is the most common one nowadays, it is also known as pocket billiards, six-pocket, or simply billiards.

There are a wide variety of different games you can play on a pool table. Eight-ball, one-pocket, cowboy pool and bank pool are just a few examples. Any good bar in the US will have a pool table for you to enjoy, but there are some excellent Pool tables under $1,000 you can purchase online to play at home. Be it for your game room or as a new addition to your man cave, your friends and family will love having one in the house.

There are lots of good table brands, each one with unique characteristics that make them stand out. Take a look at this list of the best pool tables for home; you don’t need to break the bank to have one installed and your game will improve quickly once you are able to practice whenever you want to.

Top 6 Non-Slate Pool Tables Comparison Chart

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How to Find a Good Non-Slate Pool Table

Although the game will be played the same way no matter what table you use, it is important to select one that will blend in with the decoration of your room. Make sure the table is not too big, or you will end up hitting the wall with the cue every time you take a shot. For other recommendations on how to select the best pool table for your home keep reading our pool tables review and pick your favorite.

  • Felt Color - The most visible part of the table will be the felt. It is important to select a color that will fit in with the rest of the decoration in your room, but also one that will make the game comfortable to play. Black felt can be very elegant but should be used only on well-illuminated rooms because it creates a lot of shadows. Blue is the color most tournaments use; it makes the balls very visible and the pockets are vivid. Green and red are also good options that will allow you to play with no shadowing even in low light.
  • Size - As noted previously, you should make sure the table will fit in your room and leaves enough space for the players to take their shot without hitting something in the back. It is recommended to have a minimum clearance of 5 feet as a striking distance.
  • Style - Tables are available in a variety of styles. You should take a look at your room and decide which style would be the best match for it. Is it rustic? Retro? Casual? Modern? Classic? A pool table will be a focal point in your room, it is a big piece of furniture so take some time and pick a style that goes well with the rest of the decoration.
  • Pockets - Pockets on high-end tables will be made from luxury materials such as leather. With more affordable pool tables you will usually have plastic or rubber. As with the style, choose the type of pockets you like the most; some are hidden and covered by the table’s frame, while others are placed on the outside and highly visible.
  • Legs - Pool tables are heavy, and can easily weigh over 300 pounds. Strong legs are necessary for stability, but the best pool tables will include some sort of levers in them to adjust the table and make it perfectly horizontal. A billiards ball should not move at all when you place it on the table, and having a ball rolling off to one side before you take your shot can make the game quite frustrating.

Although blue is the felt color used in most professional pool tournaments, green is a close second and preferred by most players. Pool evolved from a game from the 1400s that was played outdoors and which was very similar to croquet.

During the winter season, this game had to be played indoors on a table that had green felt, resembling the lawn. As the years passed, changes were made to the game until the modern version we play today became the standard. For example, the balls used to be made from ivory, but are now manufactured using a combination of resins and plastic.

The stick used to strike the ball is called a cue and are made from all sorts of materials. Traditional wooden cues are the most popular ones, but they can also be made from aluminum, titanium, acrylic, fiberglass, or graphite.

The most expensive cue ever fabricated is the Intimidator. With a total weight of 9.5 pounds and a length of 63 inches, it took 1,862-man hours to complete and is composed of 46 individual parts, which include 24k gold, Italian obsidian, and stainless steel. Its price? USD 150,000.

Here is our selection of Pool tables under $1,000. Both Hathaway and GLD Products, who builds the Fat Cat model, are good pool table brands and great options that will provide hours of fun.

6 Best Non-Slate Pool Table Reviews

[amazon box="B00D3YH490"]The Hathaway 8-feet pool table, with a playing surface of 78” by 39”, is perfect for enjoying a game in a tournament style. However, if you are limited in space, there is also a 7-feet model available. The .75” poly sealed MDF playing surface is covered in blue felt, which causes less strain on the eyes than any other color. Its black matte cabinet with 4” rails has gum rubber cushions that provide fast action and excellent bounce to the balls.

The pedestal style legs are quite sturdy and have 6” levelers that make it possible to use the table even if you do not have a perfectly leveled floor. Instead of having pockets that catch the balls, this table features a ball return mechanism that makes re-racking them fast and easy. Forget about walking around the table picking out the ball from each pocket.

Overall, this is a table with a strong, rugged structure that will ensure a solid performance for many years. Included with the table are a couple of pool cues, each 75” long, chalk, a table brush, racking triangle, and a set of billiard balls.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B001CCJ73Q"]The Fat Cat Reno II will be the new centerpiece of your garage, basement, or gaming room. If you want a classic style, this table has it all; maple veneers with a cherry finish provide a beautiful signature look. This fantastic finish is highlighted even further thanks to panels with a lighter color that create a smooth contrast that will immediately catch your eye. On the sides and corners, you will find six traditional French style drop pockets with hanging braided strands.

The Accuslate playing surface is 1 inch thick and has been designed to resist warping over time, covered with wool cloth. What makes this table stick out against its competitors is the red tone used on the surface. 1.5” thick solid maple rails feature eighteen white diamond inlays that make it easier to line up the shot and have rubber bumpers that will retain the bounce for years.

Strong beveled legs add sophistication and grace to the table. Each one has hidden levelers to fine-tune the height, giving the table a perfect stability even on uneven floor surfaces. Included with the table are two 57” cues, a set of billiard balls, a couple of chalks, a table brush, and a racking triangle.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B00EZBATRO"]For an authentic pool hall feel at a fraction of the cost, one of the top pool tables is the Kansas, which will bring a classic style and contemporary look to the room. Maple veneers with a black finish give the table a sleek look that can fit in traditional and modern style decorations alike. 1.5” thick solid rails surround the playing surface which feature ivory-colored circle markers to line up the shot.

Six fringed drop pockets catch the balls and bring a French style look. Each one is handcrafted in leatherette. The playing surface measures 74” x 37”, which makes it perfect for smaller rooms. It is covered in a traditional green wool blend cloth.

Nothing symbolizes 18th century furniture more than the cabriole leg, and this table uses this type of design to bestow a high-class appearance upon your room. The legs also feature levelers, to ensure an even playing field. Included with the table is a set of 2.25” billiard balls, rail brush, chalk, a couple of 57” cues, and a resin triangle.[/amazon]

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