6 Best Mattress Toppers for Hard Mattresses

Having a good mattress topper on your bed can make a huge difference on how well you sleep. Some can even fix the common error people make when buying a mattress, which is selecting one that is too hard. But finding the best mattress topper for a firm mattress can be tough with so many options out there. That is why we have created our best mattress topper reviews, hoping they can make your decision easier.

The primary goal of a high-quality mattress topper is to address your bed’s limitations or to improve its comfort. Some will add extra support if the bed is too soft, while others can add luxurious softness to a mattress that is hard and too firm. There are some important features you should look out for when selecting your topper, so follow our bed topper reviews and buying recommendations to be prepared. Your body will thank you for it.

Top 6 Mattress Toppers Comparison Chart

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Mattress Topper Buying Guide & Recommendations

  • Size - The first thing you need to do when selecting the best mattress topper is to make sure you are buying one that covers your bed. A California King and a King sized bed are not the same; one is longer and narrower than the other. If what you want is to sleep on the topper while your partner rests on the bare mattress, you can buy a smaller size, but pick a topper that won’t shift when you move.
  • Material - Mattress toppers come in a variety of materials, so you should decide which one is the best for you. Would you like one made from memory foam? Although it has lots of advantages, you won’t be able to wash it at home. If you suffer from allergies, your best option would be one made from hypoallergenic materials.
  • Warranty - The last thing you want is spending your hard-earned cash on a topper that breaks down after a few months. Before you make your purchase, take a look at the warranty, and what it covers. Some of the best bed toppers offer guarantees that can reach up to 3 or more years.

Memory foam is the new trend in mattress toppers. It was invented in 1966 by the NASA to improve the safety of aircraft cushions, and in the 1990s it gained popularity among furniture manufacturers, in particular for mattresses and mattress toppers due to its ability to help improve the sleep of individuals worldwide.

Memory foam mattress toppers have been improved throughout the years, and now offer comfort and support for everyone. Back in the old days, one complaint about them was that they were too hot. Today’s toppers have cooling pockets built into the material that allows them to breathe and keep them fresh through the night.

Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm can cause a lot of damage to your body. Not only does it inhibit circulation, but also creates unwelcomed pressure points and keeps your spine misaligned.

On a hard mattress, your shoulders and hips are not able to sink in properly, and will instead have to buckle inward, which forces the spine into an unnatural position that can create lots of pressure on your lower back. Once you wake up, you will feel the pain.

As you can see, buying a good mattress topper can not only let you have a good night’s sleep but also allow your body to rest and relax. It can make a hard bed much more comfortable and keep you from having neck and back pain the next morning. This is a short review of the best mattress tops you should put at the top of your list.

3 Best Mattress Topper Reviews

[amazon box=”B01H2OCVYO”]This Lucid model is considered the best mattress topper by thousands of satisfied customers who have left glowing reviews about it all over the internet, saying that they feel as if they were sleeping on a cloud. It is made from memory foam and has the advantage of molding its shape to adjust to the curves of your body. As you move, it cradles you and responds to the weight, customizing the comfort.

One problem memory foam used to have was that it was too hot. This is still an issue with some low-quality products, but with the Lucid topper you won’t have that problem. It is infused with a gel material that captures heat, providing excellent temperature control. Millions of tiny gel beads trap the heat and distribute it, maintaining a stable, cool temperature.[/amazon]

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Although memory foam mattresses have lots of advantages, they also have one common disadvantage: they cannot be machine washed. If this is a deal breaker for you, then this alternative could be a good pick. Not only can you use your washing machine at home to keep it sparkling clean, but it has also received a pre-shrinking treatment so it will not change its size.

The surface is made from 300 thread 100% cotton, which makes it soft and breathable. Toppers that cannot breathe will stick to your skin, making you sweat and feeling uncomfortable. The topper has a filler that gives more cushioning to your body, so it is perfect for hard and firm mattresses.

You will hardly find any bad reviews about this mattress topper; its buyers are pretty happy with its quality and being able to wash it whenever you want is a big plus. It is available in six sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.[/amazon]

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According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, allergies affect as many as 40% of children and 30% of adults in the United States. If you are one of them, this topper will interest you. It is made 100% microfiber with a down alternative fiber filling and rated as hypoallergenic.

To avoid shifting, the topper features anchor bands on each corner which keep it firmly in place and provide a secure fit. Best of all, you can wash this topper at home; just put it in the washing machine and let it air dry.

If you want a fluffy topper that can soften a firm bed but keeps the supportiveness, this is the one. It is available in four sizes: twin, full, queen and king.[/amazon]

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