6 Best Laptops Under $300 – Comparison & Reviews 2017

Buying a laptop doesn't have to involve spending a small fortune. The best laptops under 300 dollars can provide you with quality specs for home and school use. Whether you need a basic computer for browsing the internet or even if you need to write essays with thousands of words, good laptops under $300 are available.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all computers under $300 are of high quality. In fact, most of them offer poor specs and a terrible browsing experience. This makes finding the top laptops under $300 very overwhelming and difficult.

Fortunately you have Compare Six on your side. Our team has tested dozens of affordable laptops and we're proud to present you with our list of the best laptops under $300. So put your savings account aside and get your hands on one of the most affordable laptops with quality specs. You will be able to enjoy a quality computer without having to overspend.

Top Laptops Under $300

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How to Find Good Laptops Under $300

Whether you want a good laptop for home use or even if you're looking for a cheap student laptop that can last the entire school year, there are many 300 dollar laptop options worth considering. Knowing what to look for is the only way you can find the best laptops under $300 and we're going to cover the basics so you can rapidly find the top laptops under $300 for your specific needs.

  • Determine your needs - First and foremost, determine what the laptop will be used for. Will you be browsing Facebook and various websites only or will you be running heavy software like Photoshop? Knowing what type of project you will be completing is a vital part to choosing the best computers for your needs.
  • Processor - Choosing a solid processor is ideal if you want a fast and efficient computer. There are many different processors to choose from, but you should opt for a laptop with a stronger processor regardless of what you plan on doing with your PC. This will make your computer all around faster.
  • RAM Memory - RAM memory is another huge factor that will determine the overall speed of your computer. It also determines how many programs you can run simultaneously, so if you usually have a ton of browsers open at the same time, a Word doc and other stuff running in the background, opt for more RAM. For laptops under $300, you will rarely ever find more than 4GB of RAM, but consider getting a laptop that you can easily upgrade to more RAM later down the line.
  • Hard Drive - When it comes to hard drives, you have two types to choose from: HDD and SSD. Solid state drives are the best, but you won't find any for under $300. Since your only option is HDD, you shouldn't make the hard drive capacity a major deciding factor. 500GB and 1TB drives are more than enough space for most users.
  • Screen Size - Another huge thing to consider is the screen size. When opting for good laptops under $300, it's okay to choose a smaller screen. While you may be convinced that you need a 15" screen, it's not true. 13" and even 11" screens are excellent for school use and for people who often work on the go. You will save a ton of money by opting for a smaller screen, which in turn allows you to get more power for the same price.
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More than half of computer users in North America prefer laptops over desktops. The amount of laptop units sold in 2016 was 63% higher than the amount of desktop units sold.

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Laptops can be used during commercial airplane flights. However, they must be stored away during take-offs and landings.

You shouldn't expect to get a high-grade computer for under 300, but you can certainly find a 300 dollar laptop that won't slow you down and provides adequate performance. Below are the 3 best laptops under $300 fully reviewed. We encourage you to consider one of the following options, as they are the best value for the money according to our research.

6 Best Laptops Under $300 Reviews

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