6 Best Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews & Comparison

Nothing compares to enjoying a nice warm dip in a hot tub on a cool summer night or during cold winter days. However, hot tubs are incredibly expensive, they take up a ton of space year-round and require all sorts of electrical work to be performed prior to their permanent installation. Inflatable hot tubs on the other hand make it much easier for homeowners to enjoy warm waters on cool nights without much of the hassle involved with traditional hot tubs.

Our best inflatable hot tub reviews will allow you to find information about the top rated blow up hot tubs on the market. With most of these options being inflatable within minutes, you could install, setup and fill your hot tub in a matter of hours. There are many benefits to using an inflatable jacuzzi compared to regular hot tubs and we will cover them further in this article. Lets get started with our portable hot tub comparison chart, which will hopefully assist you in choosing the best inflatable hot tub for your specific needs and desires.

Top 6 Portable Hot Tub Comparison Chart

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Inflatable Hot Tub Buying Guide & Recommendations

  • Weight - One of the most important facts to consider when looking at inflatable hot tub reviews is the overall weight once it gets filled with water. While the weight of the portable jacuzzi may only be roughly 50 to 100 pounds when empty, it could weigh as much as 3,000 pounds when filled. The best place to put your new hot tub is on a very solid surface such as a reinforced deck, a cement pad or even directly on the ground.
  • Winter - Depending on where you live, you may have to look into whether or not the hot tub can be used during the winter months. Some portable hot tubs don't function below certain temperatures. If you live in regions where winters are very cold, you will either have to get a winter approved inflatable hot tub or take it down during those cold months.
  • Jets - Not all inflatable hot tubs have jets. If you want to really enjoy a spa-like experience, you'll want to get yourself a hot tub packed with air jets. They will massage your body as you fall into a deep-relaxation state. Isn't that what hot tubs are really all about!
  • Seating Space - There are many different shapes and sizes to portable hot tubs. You should take some time to consider how many people will use the hot tub on most occasions. If you only plan on using it for 1 or 2 people at a time, pretty much any hot tub will do. However, you may want to consider getting a 6-people hot tub if you ever plan on using it for 4 or more people. Most hot tubs listed for 4 people only fit 2 to 3 people comfortably and most hot tubs listed for 6 people only fit 4 to 5 people comfortably.

Did you know that most hot tubs come with LED underwater lights, but most inflatable hot tubs do not. However, some of them do. So if you want to really up the experience and set the mood, you'll want to check out hot tubs that include LED underwater lighting.

SaluSpa models are among the few that actually use LEDs on their portable hot tubs. 

Once you have filled up your hot tub with water, it will take a few hours for the water to actually get warm. In fact, most portable hot tubs warm the water at a rate of 2 to 4 degrees Fahrenheit per hour. 

When you consider that the average temperature of water from a hose is 40 to 50 Fahrenheit, it should take the hot tub anywhere between 12 to 20 hours before it reaches a comfortably warm temperature. 

6 Best Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews

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