6 Best Rated Home Security Systems 2017

As a homeowner, one of the most important things you can do is make sure that your household is secure. This means using a home security system to ensure that no burglars can enter your home without you knowing about it. However, knowing what features to look out for when shopping for the best rated home security systems in 2017 isn't as easy as it may seem.

There are many different features and perks available and there are also many different brands to consider. Whether you want garage monitoring, fire/smoke monitoring or other features such as flood warnings, you will have many different options to consider. We're going to make the buying decision much easier on you by presenting you with the most recommended home alarm systems that include as many beneficial features as possible.

Top 6 Recommended Home Security Systems 

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How to Find the Best Home Security System for the Money

Knowing what features you need from a home alarm system is crucial. With so many different types of alarm systems available on the market and with so many different options available to select, the decision can quickly become overwhelming. We're going to provide you with a few facts and tips on how to buy the best home security system for the money and that suits you household's needs to perfection.

  • Siren - One of the features you should certainly be interested in is a home alarm system that has a siren. This may come as a surprise to some, but not all security systems include a siren. Opting for a siren-featured alarm system is a great idea, especially if the system is not connected directly with first responders. 100 to 120 decibels is usually loud enough.
  • Motion Detection - With motion detectors, you will easily be able to know when someone or something is moving in your home. You can usually place them wherever you wish, but one of the ideal placements is near windows and doors. 
  • Entry Sensor  - An entry sensor is one of the best additions to a home alarm system because it's where most break-ins happen. By alarming you every time the door is opened while set, an entry sensor is the best way to keep your home safe at all times. 
  • Security Camera - With the use of a security camera, you will be able to record what happens in and around your home at all times. Some security cameras only start recording when they detect movement, while others record at all times. Some cameras can even upload all of the recordings to a cloud storage space, so even if intruders damage the security system, you will always have access to the recordings. 
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Security Upgrades

A recent study has shown that roughly a mere 7% of home upgrades are for home security. Plumbing and electrical are both at about 30% each, with home automation at 25%. Home alarm systems are not taken as seriously as they should be. 

Once you know what to look for, you should return to our alarm system comparison chart above so you can browse the best options available in 2017. We have also reviewed the top 3 options from that chart so make sure to keep scrolling to read our in-depth reviews about the most recommended home security systems on the market. A house isn't a home if you don't feel safe and for a tiny fee, you can add life-changing security measures, making it well worth the investment.

6 Best Alarm Systems For Home Reviews

[amazon box="B00A1D90Q6"]The Fortress Security Store SO2-B system is a fully feature home security system that brings you everything you need to secure your home with ease. As one of the best rated home security systems in 2017, this kit comes fully equipped with motion sensors, door/window contacts and even a loud outdoor siren that reaches up to 140 decibels. One of the really cool features about this system by Fortress Security is the auto-dialer function, which can automatically dial up to 6 different phone numbers when the alarm sounds or when you press on the panic button. If you're looking for one of the best alarm systems for home use or business use, you're going to love the Fortress Security Store SO2-B.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B018HC6PVA"]Another one of the excellent home alarm systems on the market is the Blink Home Security Camera System. This system brings you the ability to monitor your home when you're around or even when you're half way around the world. Available for just under $230, this camera security system allows you to connect to your live video stream via a mobile phone, so you can monitor your streams from anywhere in the world. With no monthly fees and no contract, you will only have a one-time payment to get this security system up and running. The cameras are tiny, making them easy to place anywhere you wish and they are battery-powered with a battery life-span of roughly 2 years. Consider the Blink Home Security Camera System if you want to easily monitor your household when you're away from home.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B010HWCS50"]Last but not least is one of the most affordable home security systems on the market. If you're looking for one of the best rated home security systems of 2017 that will secure your home without costing you a fortune, you're going to love the Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK. This system includes a 4-pack of window vibration sensors. They are tiny and easy to place on any window on your home. They can easily detect forced window entries and when they do, they emit a very loud 100 decibel alarm siren, which can wake you and your neighbors up within seconds. These 4-pack is available for roughly $29, making it the best home security system for the money and a simple way to add more security to your home.[/amazon]

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