Best Foosball Table Comparison & Reviews

‚ÄčFoosball is a highly entertaining game that has been played for many years. It's a versatile game because it can be played with anywhere from 1 to 4 players. You'll often find foosball tables in arcades, bars and game areas. However, if you plan on creating a games room in your own house, the addition of a good quality foosball table can be a wise a investment. 

Whether your game room will be used mainly be teenagers or even if you're building a games room for adults, foosball tables will always get a lot of use. We've decided to help you out by providing you with useful stats and information about foosball tables. This should make it much easier for you to know which features to look for. By combining the information from our buying recommendations below and by using our foosball comparison chart, you will quickly be able to find the top rated foosball tables for your specific needs. 

Top 6 Foosball Tables Compared

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Foosball Table Buying Guide & Recommendations

  • Stability - Having a very stable foosball table is crucial to enjoying the game at its best. Stability will prevent the table from moving around with each rod's movement. This allows the table to remain in places, keeping it level and fair at all times. Cheaper tables weigh less and are much less stable, making it difficult to keep them in one spot while playing a game.
  • Adjustable Feet - One of the major perks that you'll want to look into is adjustable feet. These are highly useful because they make it so much easier to get the table level. Even if the surface isn't fully level, you can quickly increase or decrease the height of the feet in order to attain a perfectly level surface.
  • Adjustable Height - Another great adjustable feature worth considering is the height. This is important if you have young kids who will be using the table. While most high end foosball tables don't allow height adjustments, this can become a useful features when quickly switching between adult height and kid height.
  • Build Quality - Finally, you'll want to consider the build quality. A better-built foosball table will last much longer and provide a much better playing surface. Check the quality of the surface, the sides and the rods in order to make sure that you're getting yourself a high quality foosball table.

Many amateur players will tend to spin the rods very often in order to increase their chances of scoring a goal. This is actually considered illegal in official foosball tournaments. Spinning of the rods removes all technique and turns it into a game of luck. If you want an authentic foosball experience, don't spin the rods and tell your opponents that it's not permitted if you notice them spinning the rods.

The official size of a full size foosball table in North America is 56" in length and 30" in width. However, these aren't the measurements you should consider when checking to see if the table fits in a specific spot. You will always want to keep a minimum of 6" at each end in order to easily access the balls after a goal and you will also need to consider the length of the rods that stick out. The minimum recommended space is 7 feet by 8 feet, but for adults, we recommend 8 feet by 9 feet or more.

6 Best Foosball Table Reviews

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