6 Best Fetal Doppler Devices for Home Use

Getting your hands on the best fetal doppler for home use is a great way to monitor your fetus' heartbeat. Mothers to be are often worried about the general health of their fetus and being able to hear their heartbeat at any given moment is not a luxury, it's a must-have tool. Fortunately, a pocket fetal doppler device is very affordable and fits into most budgets.

However, knowing which baby heartbeat listener to choose from isn't a simple task. Not all fetal dopplers offer the same performances and some can not provide you with highly accurate results. For that reason, we're providing you with a handy comparison chart along with fetal doppler reviews so you can quickly find the best fetal doppler that fits your budget and can provide you with superb results.

Top 6 Ultrasound at Home Devices

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Tips for Buying a Baby Heartbeat Listener

There are a few things to look out for when shopping for a baby heart listener. Even if you think you have the best baby doppler, you may be missing out on some perks. Not all fetal dopplers are identical and knowing what to search for will help make your decision easier. We've narrowed down a few features that you'll want to watch out for when shopping for a home sonogram. Make sure to consider the following when comparing the best pocket fetal doppler devices for your needs.

  • Portability - A small fetal doppler is often preferred. This allows you to carry it around with you without dragging you down. A portable fetal doppler can easily be kept in your car, on your nightstand or even in your pocket. 
  • Ultrasound Gel - Most pocket fetal dopplers work best when combined with ultrasound gel. We highly recommend purchasing the Spectra 360 Electrode Gel, which comes in packs of 3 for just $12. 
  • Built-In Speakers - Some of the best fetal dopplers on the market come with built-in speakers. While this is not a necessity, it can provide additional simplicity. Most dopplers include an input for headphones or external speakers, but built-in speakers allow you to listen to your baby's heart without as many cables or accessories.
  • Dual Listening - Only a few fetal dopplers provide you with dual listening capabilities. This means you can plug in two sets of headphones at the same time. This allows both the mother and father to enjoy listening to their fetus' heartbeat at the same time. It's certainly a nice feature to have.
  • Recording - If you enjoy using your baby heartbeat listener, you will probably want to keep the audio forever. This is possible with certain dopplers that have recording capabilities. 
60+ Million USD

In 2015, over 60 million USD was spent toward fetal monitors in North America alone. 

However, these numbers are tiny. Only a small percentage of pregnant women actually use a home sonogram machine. 

Fetal dopplers are an excellent baby shower gift idea. There's nothing better than giving a mother to be, the ability to listen to her unborn baby's heartbeat.

We encourage you to consider all of the tips listed and information listed above when shopping for home dopplers. Using electrode gel is a must in order to achieve the best results and keep in mind that most fetal dopplers are not accurate until 12 to 16 weeks of pregnancy. Browse our fetal doppler reviews below to find out more about the best options currently available on the market.

6 Best Fetal Doppler Reviews

[amazon box="B00Z52R76S"]At the top of our list of the best fetal dopper devices is the Womb Music doppler by Wusic. This device is very tiny, making it easily portable. You can quickly store it in your pocket with it being barely noticeable. One of the cool things Wusic provides when buying this doppler is a personalized lullaby CD, which actually sings your baby's name within each song. For best results, you'll want to start using this doppler at around the 16th week of pregnancy. From then, you will be able to hear the baby's heartbeat, kicks, hiccups and movements. If you're looking for one of the best options available at a very reasonable price range, you're going to love the Womb Music fetal doppler.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B01MAULLJ9"]Another excellent option worth considering is the BundleTumble BabyBlip doppler, which provides you with accurate results starting at around the 12th week of pregnancy. One of the really cool things about this fetus doppler is that you can plug in two pairs of headsets simultaneously, due to its dual listening capabilities. This doppler provides you with clean and crisp audio so you can clearly hear your baby's heartbeat with ease. It's also very similar to the Womb Music device in terms of size, making it yet another highly portable pocket fetal doppler. This doppler is available for just under $40, making it a great baby shower gift and a must-have for any mother to be.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B073FJMJPL"]Last but not least on our list of the best fetal doppler devices for home use is the AngelSounds by Medi-K. This at home doppler is easy to use and provides highly accurate results starting at about the 14th week of pregnancy. Available for just about $50, this doppler is affordable and a true pleasure to use. You can easily plug in headphones or external speakers, allowing you to enjoy your baby's heartbeat, kicks and more. The small size makes it a portable option and allows you to carry it around in places like your car's dash without having it take up too much space. Check out the AngelSounds fetal doppler by Medi-K now to learn more.[/amazon]

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