6 Best Computer Speakers Under $50

While desktop computers are gradually being replaced by laptops, tablets and mobile devices, they are still very important for numerous tasks. This includes work-related tasks, online gaming and even personal preferences. However, one of the downsides to using a desktop computer is that most of them do not come equipped with built-in speakers. Those that do come with built-in speakers are usually very low quality and output scratchy audio.

Finding the best computer speakers for your desktop isn't a simple task. Most people tend to believe that quality speakers come with a high price tag, but this isn't the case. The best computer speakers under $50 can truly provide you with a superior audio experience without causing you to empty your bank account. It's important to be cautious when purchasing in this price range, since there are tons of poor quality speakers under $50 and only a handful of good speakers.

We've made the entire process much easier for you. We compiled a comparison chart of the best computer speakers under $50 so you can quickly compare computer speakers and find the ones that best suit your needs. Keep scrolling below the chart to find buying recommendations for affordable computer speakers so you know exactly what features and options to look for when buying budget computer speakers. Don't get fooled into buying overpriced speakers, the following speakers are incredible and won't break the bank.

Top 6 Computer Speakers Under $50 Comparison Chart

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Buying Recommendations for Affordable Computer Speakers

  • Watts - Wattage in theory tells you how high you can output sound. This however does not always translate into quality output, so it's important to read reviews in order to see how pure the sound is at higher volume levels. In theory, the higher the wattage, the better the sound will be at higher levels, but manufacturers will often exaggerate their specs without it actually providing higher quality tones.
  • Type - There are generally two different types of computer speakers - 2.0 or 2.1. The first type consists of two speakers that have built-in bass. The 2.1 type features two high frequency speakers along with an independent bass unit. The latter tends to take up more space on your desk, but will reproduce much higher quality bass tones. 
  • Inputs - It's important to ensure that you purchase computer speakers that have all of the necessary inputs for your devices. In general, you will want to opt for computer speakers that have 3.5mm jacks, which is the standard for computers and mobile devices. You may also want to look into Bluetooth computer speakers. 
  • Controls - Some cheaper speakers come with no external controls. This leaves you with no option to control the volume and tones other than relying on your computer's built-in controls. It's always a nice touch to have external knobs that allow you to quickly control the volume without opening the sound controls on your computer.

The appearance of your computer speakers should also be considered. There used to be a time when computer speakers all looked the same and had no actual design perks. However, in this day and age, computer speakers come in all shapes, sizes and colors. 

It's worth taking the time to shop for speakers that look great and will compliment your computer to perfection. Some come with external LED lights, some have slim shapes and others have cool designs on the exterior of the casings. Take a moment and browse the various designs, you'll end up liking them a lot more and in turn you'll want to keep them for much longer.

For high sound quality necessities such as video or audio editing tasks, you'll probably want to opt for more expensive speakers. It's true that spending $150+, you can get yourself some really outstanding speakers. However, if you simply want to have webcam chat sessions, listen to music or watch movies on your computer, the best speakers under $50 listed above will be more than enough for your needs

6 Best Computer Speaker Reviews

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