6 Best Ceiling Fans with Lights

Keeping cool in the summer and warm during winter requires you to ventilate your home properly. With proper ventilation and full control over your ventilation, you will easily be able to send warm or cool air in any direction. Getting your hands on the best ceiling fans with lights is one of the best ways to keep you house ventilated, while also enjoying an additional light source.

Shopping for the best ceiling fans isn't always an easy task. Whether you need small ceiling fans or big ceiling fans depends on the size of your rooms. We're going to provide you with important information below so you can quickly make up your mind when shopping for ceiling fans online. Make sure to also browse our chart of the top rated ceiling fans below to get your hands on the best ceiling fans with lights at the most affordable rates.

Top 6 Ceiling Fans with Lights

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Compare Ceiling Fan Features

Finding the best ceiling fans with lights is not always an easy task to accomplish. There are many different factors that will affect the end result. With different amount of blades, light bulbs, blade sizes and more, the resulting air flow and illumination will vary greatly. You should start by figuring out why you want the best ceiling fan for your home and which room it will be placed in. You don't need a huge fan in a bedroom, but you'll want a big ceiling fan in larger, more open areas. Below, we have compiled a list of features to look out for when shopping for quality ceiling fans online. 

  • Ceiling Height - One of the most important things to consider when shopping for the best ceiling fans with lights is the ceiling height where you plan on installing it. Ceiling fans with lights tend to require additional ceiling height as compared to ceiling fans without lights. Make sure you have enough ceiling height to walk under the fan without any danger.
  • Amount of Blades - The amount of blades on the fan will normally vary the performance. More blades doesn't automatically mean better performance, but in most cases, more blades will be able to push more air faster, allowing you to get a better air circulation, even at lower speeds.
  • Blade Curvatures - The blade's curve will also have an impact on performance. Different ceiling fan brands use different curves and some curves are much more optimal. Opt for a ceiling fan that has a good curve that will be able to push more air with ease.
  • Installation - Most homeowners can install a ceiling fan without any issues. However, if you don't feel comfortable working with electricity, hire a professional. Poor wiring can cause injuries, fires and other hazards. It's also recommended to have someone helping you out if you choose to install it yourself.
16 %
Ceiling Fans Bought Online

In 2016, roughly 16% of all home improvement products purchased online in the United States were ceiling fans. 

This places ceiling fans among the leading home improvement products purchased online every year.

Whether you're seeking a small ceiling fan for your bedroom or even if you want to compare the best ceiling fans with lights for your open concept living areas, we've got you covered. Browse the in-depth reviews of the best 3 options available below or head back up to our ceiling fan comparison chart above to quickly browse various options. When choosing a light fixture ceiling fan combo, it's worth spending a little extra, as they generally last for many years and can help reduce heating and cooling bills. Read our ceiling fan reviews below right now!

6 Best Ceiling Fans with Lights Reviews

[amazon box="B00TOX49ME"]The first option we want to cover is the Emerson CF9850RB, which is at the higher end of the price range. If you're willing to spend a little extra, this 8-blade ceiling fan is going to provide you with amazing performance for years to come. It can keep your house up to 7 degrees cooler during summer months, allowing you to save big on electricity and air conditioning fees. The oil rubbed bronze finish is luxurious, classy and is absolutely stunning. This fan comes with a 6-speed wall control, two light bulb fixtures and the 72-inch length makes this a big ceiling fan worth considering. The Emerson CF9850RB fan is among the best ceiling fans with lights available online and is excellent for larger spaces including open-concept living areas. [/amazon]

[amazon box="B00DF4ICX0"]Another one of the best ceiling fans that you can buy online is the Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe. This 5-blade single light ceiling fan is slightly smaller than the Emerson model above at 52 inches in length. However, this remains a great ceiling fan for living rooms, dining rooms and other living areas. The piped toffee glass bowl covering the light fixture makes this one of the rustic ceiling fans that looks good in any room. The Brazilian cherry stained oak blades give it an additional touch of modern and luxury. If you're looking for one of the best ceiling fans with lights online, you're going to love this Hunter 53091 ceiling fan.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B00067YOJ0"]The Westinghouse 7801665 is another 52-inch ceiling fan that is perfect for any home. With a modern design and a 5-blade assembly, you will be able to stay cool at all times. The matte black finish on the blades along with the frosted glass finish on the light fixture makes this a beautiful and trendy ceiling fan. This fan is ideal for rooms up to 360 cubic feet and comes with a lifetime motor warranty so you won't have to worry about a thing. Available at an affordable price range, the Westinghouse 7801665 is among the best ceiling fans with lights that you can buy online.[/amazon]

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