6 Best Bristle Dartboards for Home Use

Darts has become one of the most popular social games in the world. Walk into a pub in England or a bar in the US, and you will probably find a bunch of people gathered around the board, throwing darts while they enjoy a cold beer. But you don’t need to go out to enjoy a game; there are plenty of high-end dart boards you can buy online to have some fun in your own home.

The first dartboards were made from solid wood. Clay was later used, but nowadays the best dart board material is sisal fibers that are glued to the board and held together by metal banding. They are known as bristle dartboards, and in this dartboards review we will check out the top dart board brands and the best bristle dart boards so you can decide which one would be a perfect match for your game room.

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Dartboard Buying Guide & Recommendations

With so many products that claim to be the best dart board in the world, deciding on which one is indeed a high-end dartboard can be tough. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when comparing options. Top dart board brands will meet competition standards, and you should make sure that the bristles are packed tightly.

  • Staple-free – Every dartboard has separate scoring sections. In cheap boards, these sections are created by using metallic wiring and are secured with staples. The problem with these staples is that they increase the chance of a dart bouncing off and causing an accident, probably injuring someone. The best bristle dart boards use staple-free designs that minimize this safety hazard. If the board also has extra-thin wires, much better.
  • Tightly bound - Sisal fibers are the best dart board material, but they must be very tightly packed so they can spring back after removing the dart from the board. Have you ever seen a board full of holes? That is what happens when the fibers are not packed tightly enough. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and low-quality boards, although cheap, will only last a short time before they are full of ugly-looking punctures.
  • Movable ring - High-end dart boards use a ring (or spider) that can be rotated. This makes the numbers move, so the board gets worn out evenly. This is a feature you should consider if you will be playing 501, a game where whoever goes down the fastest from 501 to zero wins. The area covering the numbers 1,5 and 20 will be the one most frequently hit, so being able to rotate the spider allows this area to freshen up.
  • High-quality fixings – Even though almost all the dartboards you will find include some hardware to hang them from, you need to make sure that the board is firmly secured in place. Every time a dart hits it causes vibrations on the board, which can make it wobble or fall if not securely attached.


501 is the most popular and simplest dart game. Players start with a score of 501 points and take turns throwing three darts on each one. The score is calculated and deducted on each turn, with a bullseye worth 50, outer ring 25, and double or triple rings worth double or triple the segment score. The first player to score exactly 0 wins, but the last dart thrown has to land on either the bullseye or a double.

The fewest number of darts someone has thrown to reach this goal is 9, and John Lowe was the first one to do it in 1984 by hitting a triple 20 six times, then triple 17, triple 18, and finally a double 18.

Darts can be not only a game, but also a way of making some serious money. Professional players earn hundreds of thousands of dollars on each tournament. Take Phil Taylor for example, whose combined lifetime career wins so far are over 9.4 million USD, or Michael Van Gerwen, who has earned almost 6 million USD just by throwing darts.

If you are now ready to grab yourself best dart board in the world to install it in your man cave and call the guys over for a game, here is our dartboard review, hoping it can help you narrow down your choices.

3 Best Bristle Dartboard Reviews

[amazon box="B000HJVAXA"]DMI is part of the Escalade Sports group. This company has been in business for over 80 years, providing quality sporting goods for people wanting to enjoy their leisure time at home. Their Bandit dartboard is one of their best bristle dart boards, using high-grade sisal fibers that give a more natural and vivid color. One thing that distinguishes these dartboards is their peculiar black-colored bullseye.

Sanctioned by the World Darts Federation and manufactured in New Zealand, the Bandit uses interlocking thin steel bands instead of a wire spider. These are embedded into the bristles and prevent darts from bouncing or being deflected. They also strengthen the board, making it more durable and giving it better holding qualities.

Setting the board in place is very easy thanks to the included mounting hardware. One great feature is the set of pegs which come with the board that prevent it from hanging crooked. The board numbers are powdered coated, which makes them last longer and keeps the color from fading as in low-quality products.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B01NAL48FU"]Winmau dart boards are considered the best dart boards in the world and are endorsed by the British Darts Organization. If you want a high-end dartboard, the Blade 5 should be your choice. For starters, its wiring system allows for extra scoring area in the doubles and the trebles. This is because it uses wires that are extra-thin, providing less bounce outs and higher scoring.

The Winmau Blade 5 has reduced the wire angle of the blades by 30 degrees. This deflects the darts into the board, instead of having them bounce off. It might seem like a minor change, but when you play with this board, you will see a big improvement in your scoring.

Another great feature is the Rota-Lock Advantage. A triple-wheel locking mechanism makes securing the board to almost any surface as easy as can be. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and sat down at a table that has a leg that wobbles? Usually, the waiter will come and twist a wheel underneath the leg, making it stick out further until it reaches the floor and keeps the table leveled. This is more or less the same system Winmau uses. You adjust each wheel so it touches the wall, making the board perfectly aligned and leveled. If you are using an uneven surface for playing, this feature will keep your board from moving every time a dart hits it.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B000UV57DE"]Viper Razorbacks are manufactured by GLD, a company that has paved the way in innovation for advances in dart game trends for over 35 years. Using a 100% staple-free design, the Razorback not only increases the size of the target surface but also reduces the chance of your dart hitting a wire and deflecting off the board. It uses high-density fibers that will close up as soon as the dart is removed.

A compression ring system made from steel binds the outer edge of the dartboard, keeping the fibers tightly packed together and providing years of durability. Galaxy black, crimson red, and evergreen colors are carefully screen-printed onto the board to mark each scoring section with excellent color contrast. The movable number ring lets you rotate the dartboard to allow the fivers to heal, extending its life even further.

If you have a set of soft-tipped darts in your home, you will be glad to know that this dartboard offers cross-compatibility; its high-grade sisal has been tested for endurance so both steel and soft darts can be used on it.[/amazon]

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