6 Best Treadmills for Home Use Under $1,000

Going out for a jog, or even a walk with the dog, is a healthy way to spend your morning or afternoon. However, life nowadays is so chaotic that finding time for going outside and exercising is becoming more and more difficult. That’s why people are using any free time they have to work out from their homes, and having a treadmill is a wonderful way to burn some calories without having to leave the house.

Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars buying exercise equipment, and treadmills have always been the most significant sellers by a large margin. This huge demand has created hundreds of treadmill brands, with prices ranging from a couple of hundred bucks to thousands of dollars.

 With so many options, finding the best treadmills for the money can be a daunting task. Do you want an electric-powered machine or a mechanical one? Should it have an LCD? An iPod input port? How many workout settings would you prefer? These are just a few examples of things you need to consider when selecting the best running machine for home use. To narrow down the options, we will be reviewing the top-rated treadmills for home use that costs less than $1,000. At this price range you will be getting the most useful features, and purchasing a machine that can provide many years of reliable usage.

Top 6 Treadmills Under $1,000 Comparison Chart

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Treadmill for Home Use Buying Guide & Recommendations

  • Pre-Set Workout Programs - A workout program will automatically vary the intensity of the exercise. The treadmill changes the speed and incline, making the workout more demanding for specific periods of time. Some workouts focus on a particular type of training, and you select them depending on your goals, such as endurance or weight loss.
  • Tread Belt Size - You will be doing your workout on the belt, so this is the most important thing to consider. If you are a runner, a 22” wide belt is ideal, although a 20” will be sufficient. For length, 50” is recommended for walking and 55” for running.
  • Cushioning - The best running machine for home use will usually include some kind of cushioning on the track section. This protects your joints from impacts while exercising, reducing the risk of injury and promoting stamina. Cheap machines will feel too soft and spongy, while the highest rated treadmills will include a research-based shock absorption system.
  • LCD - Practically any treadmill nowadays includes an LCD to provide information about your workout. The best at home treadmills have a backlit LCD; which makes it much easier to read when you are in a room with low light.
  • Extra Features - Check out what perks the treadmill offers. Some have docks for placing your music player or tablet. Others have a spot for setting your water bottle, and a few of them can connect to the Internet and let you browse around while taking a walk.

Sometimes exercising feels like torture, and in the case of treadmills, they were not far away from that. Back in 1818, treadmills were used to punish prisoners. They would step on a giant paddle wheel and as it rotated it would pump water or crush grain. Penitentiaries all over Britain and the US implemented this device as a way to tame even the most defiant inmates.

 As years passed by, the machine was later used for medical diagnosis of heart and lung disease, and then as a source of cardiovascular exercises that become very popular at gyms and homes.

Treadmill running is much easier than road racing since you don’t have to deal with wind or inclines on the road. The rotating belt also helps reduce the effort, so if you really want that running experience, you need to compensate for these factors. The easiest way is to set your treadmill at a 1-1.5% incline and use a workout program that incorporates hill runs into the training plan.

 Generally speaking, a steeper incline is ideal for building strength, while a faster pace on a flat level will improve your speed and endurance.

6 Best Treadmills Under $1,000 Reviews

[amazon box="B0193V3DJ6"]No list of recommended treadmills for home would be complete without the NordicTrack T 6.5 S. Keeping track of your workout is easy with the 5” backlit display that shows your distance, speed, time, calories burned and heart rate. If you are an iFit user, the NordicTrack is compatible and can use these stats to design a workout program specially designed for you. There are 20 workout apps preloaded on the treadmill’s memory, but you can get more through your iFit account.

A music port lets you plug in your iPod or any other MP3 player to use your favorite playlist, which can be played with incredible sound from the high-quality 2” speakers. The OneTouch controls let you adjust the speed from 0 to 10mph and set the incline from 0 to 10% with a single button push. Cushioning can be modified by turning a knob. You can choose between a firm deck that simulates running on a road and a cushioned deck that reduces the impact on your joints.

 The 2.6 CHP motor is powerful enough to deliver consistent and smooth performance. It is self-cooling and generates minimal noise. NordicTrack treadmills are built to last and come with a 1-year parts and labor warranty, a lifetime frame warranty, and a 25-year motor warranty.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B007O5B0LC"]With the Cadence G 5.9, your fitness will set off to a great start. Its 2.5 CHP motor can keep up with your endurance, speed, or interval training and is perfect for both light and intense workouts. The QuickSpeed control boosts the speed of the belt up to 10mph, and you can select between 2 different incline positions for that extra calorie burn.

A certified trainer has designed the pre-set six workout apps. Each one meant to help you achieve the maximum performance by using a programmed speed, incline and time setting. The LCD monitor lets you check your speed, distance, and calories burned.

The treadmill includes a comfortcell cushioning system that reduces the impact on your joints, making the workout more comfortable. Built-in thumb sensors monitor your heart rate; just place your thumb on the sensor, and you will get a quick reading.  

There are a couple of empty areas on the console where you can set your mp3 player or tablet, as well as a water bottle, but there are no built-in speakers, so you will need some headphones for your music.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B075FPX9K8"]For people who love gadgets, the ANCHEER 9460 is one of their highest rated treadmills. While most of the competitors will just include an LCD monitor, this one features a 7-inch web-enabled color touchscreen. Not only can you listen to music through the Hi-Fi stereo system, but also watch videos or movies, or read some interesting articles while you are working out. It also serves as an information screen that shows your distance, time, calories burned, heart rate, slope percentage, and speed.

There are an AUX port and a USB port available which offer you even more possibilities to use your favorite files while getting your cardio routine finished.

A cup and phone holder let you keep your items nearby, and the heart rate sensor will let you check and maintain your target heart rate. Its silent 3.0 CHP motor can deliver speeds of up to 10 mph. The running belt has been designed to include support, silencing, anti-slip and shock absorption layers to make your training safe and comfortable.

This treadmill is backed by a 2-year guarantee on the frame, and three years on the motor.[/amazon]

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