6 Best Portable Vinyl Players

Retro is back, and vintage is more popular than ever. CDs, walkmans, and MP3 players may have all but fizzled from society, but vinyl records and their players are still a hot item in today’s pop culture. With modern technology and more aesthetically pleasing design and advanced engineering, vinyl players are more affordable than ever and coe with improved sound quality.

Did we mention that they’re portable now, too? Tons of well-known brands have created beautiful, modern replicas of the timeless classic, and with most current musicians releasing exclusive vinyl records, getting a low-cost record player is a new world to experience your favorite soundtracks in.

Top 6 Portable Vinyl Player Comparison Chart

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What to Look for in Your Vinyl Player

Most of our reviewed record players will have everything you’d want, but there are a few various differences and things to watch out for. Remember that modern vinyl players are very different from the original thing

  • Bluetooth - With modern vinyl players, a great feature that they typically are equipped with is Bluetooth support capabilities. This is an important thing for your vinyl player to have included, because its what transforms it from a single-media device into something versatile.
  • Speed - Most vinyl records have 3 different speeds at which they rotate with, which is where we get the speeds from. Being able to change these and experience different ways of enjoying your music. 3 speeds has the most versatility, but 2 speed isn’t bad, either.
  • Audio Quality - The speakers in your vinyl player are important. Look for something with great built-in stereo speakers so you can have a full, crystal clear sound quality. That’s what this is all about, right?
  • Longevity - Make sure what you buy will last! Thick, lightweight casing, strong leather or other interior, and protective covering including in your purchase are great things to look out for. Since it’s portable, you’ll probably travel with it, so ensure you don’t skimp on the durability.
  • Weight - Since these vinyl players are portable, you want to definitely concern yourself with the portability and weight of your player. Transporting your record player, your records, and any other necessary items shouldn’t be difficult, so pick something that is lightweight and preferable can fold into a case of some kind.
  • Battery - A vinyl player with the ability to be charged and run in different ways is the ultimate level of versatility that works for today’s society.

A vinyl player with the ability to be charged and run in different ways is the ultimate level of versatility that works for today’s society.

Best Vinyl Player Brands

  • Crosley
  • Jenson
  • Victrola
  • Feir
  • D&L

A simple search online will connect you with hundreds of styles, brands, and types of vinyl players, which makes the hunt a bit daunting and overwhelming. We take a closer look at the top 6 best portable vinyl players with all the features you need in fun, exciting styles.

6 Best Portable Vinyl Player Reviews

[amazon box="B01IWIBKGE"]This super compact vinyl player packs a powerful punch in a small, lightweight 3-speed portable vinyl player. It comes in 8 different vibrant, gorgeous colors and features a strong Bluetooth connection.  With portable pitch controls and dynamic speakers with amazing sound quality, the Crosley Cruiser Deluxe is an affordable, small option for vinyl players.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B00UMVW4VA"]As another great compact player, the vintage comes with even more color and design choices, a secure suitcase durable case, and automatic bluetooth connectivity. It doesn’t have any battery capabilities, which is a bit of a shame, but it comes with most else you’d want in a portable player of this caliber. You have headphone jacks, 3-speeds, and strong stereo speakers built-in.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B078TCVKF6"]D&L is the first portable player on this list that comes with a powerful rechargeable battery, which is a great feature to look for. It takes 3 hours for a full charge and has a life of 4 hours of continuous use. Maybe not long enough for an all-night party, but it gets you for a long stretch of time without a charge. The denim cover case also comes with everything else you need like headphone jack, 3-speeds, aux inputs, portable adapters, and a sturdy but fashionable and fun suitcase style for protection and transporting.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B07FPHCHDC"]Everything about the design of this turntable is absolutely stunning, and that carries through to the inside. Fully-featured with a plug in for headphones, aux cord, USB drive, and more, you can use your record player for a lot of different media types. You have 3 speed settings, 3 color choices, bass and treble adjustments. The Wockoder is an all-in-one style of vinyl player, so perfect for someone with lots of needs.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B008872SIO"]For a stripped down, simple turntable option, the Audio Technica had less options and technology built in and focuses directly on the music. It’s a 2 speed fully automatic player with a sleek, basic design and beautiful sound quality. It does not have built-in speakers, nor a briefcase style for simple transportation.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B073SM482M"]Featuring another battery rechargeable player is this all-media device. It plays records beautifully but also functions as an FM radio, connects with Bluetooth, has all the input jacks for SD cards, USB, headphones, and auxiliary. The unique part of this turntable to make it stand out? An LED screen glows and shows the time and your selections made from the keypad to fast forward and change songs.[/amazon]