6 Best Portable Air Conditioners for Home Use

A portable ac unit can be ideal in many situations: you need to cool just one room instead of the whole house; you want to dehumidify the air and not only cool it; you can’t install a window ac unit because of HOA regulations; or you want to chill an RV or pop-up camper. The mobility and small size of a portable ac can satisfy any of these needs, and much more. All you need to do is set up the window kit and attach the exhaust hose, and the hot air will start to pour outside. If you were working in your studio and now are going to watch a movie in your bedroom, simply take the ac with you; it will cool any room you want.

Another significant advantage of a portable ac is that it is much more energy efficient than a central air conditioner. Why waste money cooling your house when all you need is to lower the temperature in one single room? However, these devices come in all sort of sizes and capacities, so selecting the best value portable air conditioner will depend on your specific requirements. There are some features you should consider when buying, and we have checked many of the best portable air conditioner reviews to select the best ones, which will be perfect for the average homeowner to be able enjoy a fresh day even when the outside temperature is scorching hot.

Top 6 Portable Air Conditioner Comparison Chart

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Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guide & Recommendations

  • BTUs - A straightforward way to compare portable air conditioners is by their BTU rating. Higher BTUs will let the machine cool down a larger room. Top rated portable air conditioners will usually have a BTU rating of at least 8,000, enough to cover a 200 sq. ft. room with 8-foot ceilings.
  • Window Kit - Unless you want to spend extra money, make sure the ac unit comes with a window kit included. This will allow for a quick installation and you can be sure that the kit will fit your specific unit.
  • Single or Dual Hose - The most efficient portable air conditioner will use a double hose system, one for air intake and the other for sending hot air out. This system can cool down the room up to 40% quicker than single-hose models, and it’s also more energy efficient.
  • Condensation Type - Drip air conditioners send the water that condensates into a pan or bucket and needs to be regularly emptied. Others have a drainage hose that carries the water away. The top portable ac units are self-evaporative units that mix the water vapor with the hot air and send it out through the exhaust hose.
  • Swinging Louvers – Having a portable ac with swinging louvers allows the cold air to circulate more efficiently. This also eliminates hot spots since the air is distributed evenly throughout the entire room.

Movie theaters were the first businesses to take advantage of air conditioning. In the 1930s, people went to the movie theater not just to watch a pic, but also to escape from the hot weather during the summer months.

Movie companies and marketers soon noticed this and started to release their biggest productions for the season, creating what we now call the “summer Blockbusters.”

Although you might think that a fan can cool down a room, only an AC can do it. What fans do is hit the air with their blades to make it move, and moving air feels more refreshing on the skin as it helps your sweat evaporate. But no matter how many fans you turn on in a room, the temperature will not drop unless you turn on the AC.

6 Best Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

[amazon box="B06XBF75QJ"]Cellphones, TVs, appliances, and home theater speakers are just some of the products LG manufactures, which have made it one of the most recognized brands. Using their experience and knowledge, they have started to fabricate portable AC units that are now cooling rooms and home offices across the US. One of the most efficient portable air conditioner that LG builds is the LP0817WSR, an 8,000 BTU system with auto-evaporation.

Operating the unit can be done from the control panel, which has an LED display, or by using the LCD remote control. You can select between two cooling speeds, or use the machine as a fan only. The auto-swing air vent technology moves the air in all directions, making sure it circulates and leaves no hot spots untouched. If you live in a humid area, this ac can provide up to 1.8 pints per hour of dehumidification.

 A 24-hour timer lets you program the unit to control the temperature even when you are not at home, and the auto-restart saves your settings if the power goes out. Under the unit there are some easy-roll caster wheels that make moving the ac from one room to another much more comfortable. An easy-to-install window kit is included.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B072B8SGKY"]While checking out some portable ac unit reviews, we found this Black & Decker unit to be one of the top-rated ones because of the many features it has. For example, it is one of the few that not only is a fan and an air conditioner, but also a heater. With one single unit you can be comfortable in your room all year round. It is also a dehumidifier, which is an extra point in its favor.

The system uses a drain hose to take care of the condensed water, so there are no dripping pans to empty. Its 12,000 BTUs can cool down a room of about 500 sq. ft. and you can operate the unit from its control panel or through the remote control. For improved mobility, it has a set of casters and side carrying handles.

 The filter slides out, which makes it easier to clean; just rinse it under a faucet and slide it back in. The 24 hour on/off timer and sleep mode let you program the ac and use it only when you need it. A complete window kit is included, and the air conditioner is backed by a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects, and five years for the compressor part.[/amazon]

[amazon box="B00V3X2P3S"]What makes this one of the top portable air conditioners is that it has a double-hose system. Having both exhaust and intake hoses allows the machine to operate with higher efficiency by eliminating negative air pressure, which helps to cool a room quicker than single-hose models. Use this machine as an ac, a fan, or a dehumidifier, which is capable of dehumidifying up to 101 pints per day.

Another great feature is that it is a self-evaporative system; the moisture that is collected during the cooling process is used and recycled to produce more cold air. If you are concerned about the environment, you’ll be glad to know that this ac uses eco-friendly CFC free refrigerant. To customize the cooling to your specific schedule, there is a convenient 24 hour on/off timer you can program.

 A remote control lets you operate the machine and select between the three fan speeds and set the thermostat in the 61º to 89º F range. There is a window kit included with the unit, and moving the machine around will be no problem thanks to the set of casters it has. It uses a washable pre-filter, as well as an activated carbon filter that removes smoke and odors.[/amazon]

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